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At Sauber Maintenance, we desire to build long lasting partnerships with each of our customers. Each customer has unique service needs and we are prepared to meet those needs by offering customized service solutions.

We offer a flexible, cost effective solution to managing your facility’s service demands in the following Business Areas:

Commercial Offices Cleaning
(Class A, B & C)

Sauber Maintenance offers class A,B and C Commercial Offices Cleaning so that we can meet every level or needs. Whether you need your entire building deep-cleaned or just a basic go-over we have the plan for you. We include trash disposal, dusting, windows cleaning and anything else that you may need.

Manufacturing & Industrial
Facility Cleaning

Sauber Maintenance offers cleaning for Manufacturing and Industrial facilities both during construction projects and after construction has been completed. We understand that construction projects are often under a time constraint which is why our teams are trained to work efficiently and thoroughly.

Educational Facility

Sauber Maintenance is trained to clean any educational facility. Our green products and equipment are completely safe for kid’s health and we pay special attention to chemicals and techniques utilized, based on toddler’s needs, in day care facilities. Don’t risk your kid’s health with a company that doesn’t use the best possible techniques. Contact Sauber Maintenance today!

Healthcare & Medical Offices Cleaning

Sauber Maintenance only hires OSHA certified staff to ensure that we have the best possible team to clean your medical office. Our employees go through bio hazard waste and chemical training for their protection as well as yours. We offer cleaning equipment sterilization in any medical facility including dental offices, medical clinics, emergency room, and more.

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Quality People. Quality Service

At Sauber Maintenance, we realize that exceptional service can only be as good as the people who provide it. That is why we have developed a hiring process that gives us the best. Without quality employees, we wouldn’t be able to bring you the level of service our clients have come to expect from us. In the following chart, you can see how we select the right individuals to serve your needs.

The Value of Screening Workers

At Sauber Maintenance, our prospective employee’s social security number is checked against 16 different databases checking for criminal convictions in all 50 states as well as checking sexual offender registries.

Workers with a history of violence, theft or other serious criminal issues are not employed by our company. Thus, as a vendor or contractor, we are not introducing people with a propensity for these issue into your facility lowering the chances an event will occur causing a work stoppage, injury or other serious harm to your company or its employees.

Selecting The
Right Individuals:

Quality Control & Communication

We believe there are two factors that ensure success and customer satisfaction: quality control and customer communication.


Monthly inspections viewable by customers, stored in Cleantelligent for future reference. Shows tangible ratings of routine work.


High quality, trained managers ensure employee performance and service quality remains excellent.


Managers regularly meet with customers to ensure satisfaction, discuss inspection scores, and assess ongoing needs.

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